Intern Bio: Seth


Name: Seth Walker

Birthday: July 29th, 1993

School: York College

Grade: Senior

Where do you attend church? Frontline (while I’m in Okc) & Heartland’s Church (when I’m in school)

Favorite artists/bands: Lecrae, 116 Clique, Imagine Dragons

Favorite hobby or how you spend your free time: Playing baseball or PS3

List of family members or who lives with you: Paul (dad), Cherryl (mom) & Cassie (sister)

Why do you want to work at Cross & Crown? I am studying Biblical studies at York and I feel called to do urban ministry after college.

Something unique, unusual or weird about yourself: I can grow an afro.

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Tyler’s Day

“Today was a good day. We had a full list at the mission so we got to meet and help a lot of people. Adamarie (one of the little girls from Rock Island) hates me for some reason, I don’t know why I even offered her ice cream and cookies. We watched, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” and I made a new friend, Emily. Today was an all around good day.”

– Tyler

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Hailey’s day

“Today I worked downstairs with the little kids and it was kind of crazy because there were 20 kids today! They were making prayer starter booklets and the little kids had to have help making theirs. Sometimes it’s kind of hard to get the kids to talk because they don’t know me that well but today we got some of them talking which was nice instead of silence. It’s funny to hear all the random things the little kids say but definitely never boring. In the afternoon at Rock Island we had movie day so it made up for it being so crazy earlier in the day since it’s only for the older kids.”

– Hailey

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Alex & Jessica Bio

The final two interns that will be working with us this summer at Cross & Crown are Alex Espinosa & Jessica Gonzalez. These two interns are extra special to us because we have known them for such a long time. We met Alex when he was a rowdy, eight year old boy and Jessica when she was a mere middle school student at the age of thirteen. Alex, now 18, will graduate next semester & is pursuing a future in the military. Jessica, now a senior at Oklahoma State University, will graduate in the near future and plans to pursue a career working with youth. Both of these students were active participants of Rock Island during their middle school/high school careers and are now acting as leaders within this same group.

This is the first time we have been fortunate enough to hire youth from INSIDE the community to work and develop strategy for THEIR neighborhood. We are beyond excited to see what the future holds for these two and are anxious to see how God uses them this summer and beyond.


Name: Alejandro Espinosa

Birthday: 6/19/95

School: Emerson High School

Grade: 12th

Where do you attend church/youth group: Cross & Crown/Rock Island

Favorite artist/bands: Drake

Favorite hobby or how you spend you free time: I like to work out, play soccer, basketball and run.

List of family members or who lives with you: Oscar Andrade, Annissa Espinoza, Miguel Espinoza

Why do i wanna work at Cross & Crown: I’ve been attending Cross & Crown/Rock Island for a while (10 years) and I really love my experiences here.

What is something unique, unusual or weird about yourself: I can weld


Name: Jessica Gonzalez

Birthday: 12/12/1991


School: Oklahoma State University

Grade(next year):12th (senior)

Where do you attend church/youth group? Cross and Crown

Favorite artists/bands: Francesca Battistelli, Hillsong

Favorite hobby or how you spend your free time:” I watch t.v. or help my mom cook.”

List of family members or who lives with you(ages of siblings): Olga Yepez, Jorge Yepez, Jorge yepez(18)

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2nd Annual 3×3 Basketball Tournament

Get your sunscreen ready & start tuning up that jumper. Cross & Crown’s 2nd Annual 3×3 HoopItUp is just around the corner. We are excited to announce that we are in the process of organizing volunteers, cleaning the courts & accepting team registrations for this year’s tournament.


For those of you that are planning to participate in the tournament here are a few things to consider:

1.  It will be hot!  Bring some sunscreen, a hat or anything else you might desire to help keep yourself cool.

2.  If you would like to guarantee that we have your correct t-shirt size you need to submit your team registration and shirt sizes before July 10th.

3.  The competitive league will be officiated by legitimate officials this year.  The ‘just for fun’ division will have knowledgable, basketball enthusiasts officiating games.


If you are an individual that wants to be involved but aren’t interested in playing here are a few ways you can help:

1.  Sponsor a team from the neighborhood that might not be able to come up with the funds to play/pay ($125 per team).

2.  Provide one of the following: Gatorade, water, hotdogs, hotdog buns, hamburgers, hamburger buns, ketchup, mustard, napkins, plates. (Please touch base with us if you intend of providing one or some of these items.)

3. Contact Luke to see how you can help with some of the ‘dirty work’ required to get the court ready. Individuals & groups welcome.

4. Donate furniture, appliances & other household items to be sold the day of the tournament to neighbors & others attending the tournament. (We will be having a large sale the day of the tournament in order to draw more people from the neighborhood to come out and enjoy the festivities.)

5.  There will be plenty of activity going on the day of the tournament.  Even if you don’t have an “official” position we would love for you to come out and watch a game or two, meet some our of neighbors and enjoy the day with us.



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Abby’s Bio & Blog


Name: Abby Lorentz

Birthday: October 6, 1995

School: Edmond Memorial (last year) – Oklahoma Christian University (next year)

Grade (next year): College freshman

Where do you attend church/youth group?: New Hope Church of Christ

Favorite artists/bands: Francesca Battistelli, U2

Favorite hobby or how you spend your free time:  cooking 

List of all family members: Parents – Brian & Stacy; Sister – Hannah (20) 

Why do you want to work at Cross and Crown?: I enjoyed serving last year and I enjoy the fellowship with others here at the mission.  I also enjoy seeing the love of Christ at work!

What is something unique, unusual, or weird about yourself?: I used to take Tae Kwon Do! ( I do not have a black belt 🙂 )


Today was another great day at the Mission. I went with Tyler (one of the other interns) to the hospital to drop off a friend from the mission and that went really well. I have enjoyed getting to know the other interns here at the mission. The kids were great today at Rock Island! I love spending time with them. I see Jesus in them every time I see them. I am so blessed to have a wonderful family in Christ here at Cross and Crown. GOD is good!

– Abby

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Name: Tyler Harding Clark Birthday: December 23,1997

School: Southmoore High School

Grade (next year): 11

Where do you attend church/youth group?: Oakcrest Church of Christ

Favorite artists/bands: Florida Georgia Line, Luke Bryant, anything country 

Favorite hobby or how you spend your free time: football and fishing

List of all family members: Parents- christine and robert, chris(22), jared(13), cody(8)

Why do you want to work at Cross and Crown?: to get more experience with people meet new people and be a part of a good program

What is something unique, unusual, or weird about yourself?: my middle name is Harding



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Name: Hailey Doyle

Birthday: March 21

School: Edmond Memorial

Grade (next year): 10th

Where do you attend church/youth group?: New Covenant

Favorite artists/bands: Civil Wars, Arctic Monkeys, Snow Patrol, Coldplay, Lana Del Rey

Favorite hobby or how you spend your free time: drawing, painting or listening to music

List of all family members: Jimmy (dad), Amy (mom), Abby (sister-11) & Jacob (brother-9)

Why do you want to work at Cross and Crown?: I really enjoyed volunteering at Cross & Crown with my youth group last summer

What is something unique, unusual, or weird about yourself?: I am really particular about colors. If I see something that, for example, is a ‘sky blue’ and someone calls it ‘blue’; I always correct them.

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Each summer at Cross & Crown we are privileged to have a handful of high school students join us as interns.  This summer in addition to the high school interns joining us we also have two college students that will be spending their summer months with us.  Over the course of the next couple weeks we will be introducing each of the interns here on the website.  Each student will share a little bit about themselves so that we can become more familiar with who they are as individuals.  

Each of the interns will also be sharing some of their thoughts throughout the summer months as they learn the in’s & out’s of the daily ministry happenings at Cross & Crown and Rock Island.

Here’s the first…


Name: Carly Anne Nelson

Birthday: July 15,1996

School: Moore HIgh School

Grade (next year): 12

Where do you attend church/youth group?: Oakcrest Church of Christ

Favorite artists/bands: Lady Antebellum, Parachute, Imagine Dragons

Favorite hobby or how you spend your free time: exercising, doing things outside, and spending time with my sister or boyfriend

List of all family members: Parents- Greg and Vicki, Kayli(22), Shelby(20), Tyler(15)

Why do you want to work at Cross and Crown?: ” I love the ‘system’ and I love the people I get to work with and meet.”

What is something unique, unusual, or weird about yourself?: “I’ve broken all 10 toes at least once, and I can wiggle my nose. 🙂 

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Recently we had the privilege of meeting a new friend, Eugene. Earlier this week Eugene was walking down the street (literally) and saw a collection of Cross & Crown individuals working on one of the properties we recently acquired. He made eye contact with one of the men and they asked him if he would like to join them for their daily prayer time. He excitedly accepted the offer and the rest is history.

During their time of prayer Eugene shared a poem he wrote during his time of incarceration. It is titled, “Life is a Game”. We are excited and hopeful of the plans God has for Eugene over the next several days and weeks.

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