Each summer at Cross & Crown we are privileged to have a handful of high school students join us as interns.  This summer in addition to the high school interns joining us we also have two college students that will be spending their summer months with us.  Over the course of the next couple weeks we will be introducing each of the interns here on the website.  Each student will share a little bit about themselves so that we can become more familiar with who they are as individuals.  

Each of the interns will also be sharing some of their thoughts throughout the summer months as they learn the in’s & out’s of the daily ministry happenings at Cross & Crown and Rock Island.

Here’s the first…


Name: Carly Anne Nelson

Birthday: July 15,1996

School: Moore HIgh School

Grade (next year): 12

Where do you attend church/youth group?: Oakcrest Church of Christ

Favorite artists/bands: Lady Antebellum, Parachute, Imagine Dragons

Favorite hobby or how you spend your free time: exercising, doing things outside, and spending time with my sister or boyfriend

List of all family members: Parents- Greg and Vicki, Kayli(22), Shelby(20), Tyler(15)

Why do you want to work at Cross and Crown?: ” I love the ‘system’ and I love the people I get to work with and meet.”

What is something unique, unusual, or weird about yourself?: “I’ve broken all 10 toes at least once, and I can wiggle my nose. 🙂 

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