More than a half million pounds of food have been distributed since the mission opened. A box of food contains pasta, beans, applesauce, canned goods,  crackers, snacks and other items helps stave off hunger of families and homeless persons. The food pantry serves 50 families every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.



Each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday our donations coordinator picks up fresh fruits and vegetables to go along with bakery items like cookies, cakes, donuts.  These items are then divided between 30 families that sign a list at 8:00am each of these mornings.


Legal representation is considered a luxury for many who are poor. Thanks to a new ministry, Trinity Legal Clinic, and it’s wonderful Christian attorneys, free legal services is now offered at the mission and at the City Rescue Mission. Volunteers assist with cases ranging from wrongful denial of jobs, to immigration issues, minor criminal issues and unfair housing practices.


The baby room is a special place that helps provide diapers, formula, clothing, and other necessary items for babies and expecting mothers.  Mothers and soon to be mothers join one of our staff or volunteers to pick through items that will help them as they prepare or continue to love, nurture, and provide for their child.  This is a very intentional time that often leads to experienced mothers being able to encourage, educate, and support younger woman as they raise their babies.


We desire to help those who battle addiction and seek recovery.  An alcoholics anonymous group meets at Cross & Crown every Monday at noon.  Also, we partner with a handful of other ministries that provide both in-patient and out-patient care for those seeking professional assistance.



The medical staff is truly making a difference in the lives of many patients. Our volunteer doctors and nurses provide much needed health care to patients who would otherwise go untreated. From diabetes to heart disease, lives have been saved. The medical clinic now runs through scheduled appointments.

If you would like to schedule an appointment or talk with the medical director, Vera Parrish, please click here.


From Isaiah 58, “Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins and will raise up the age-old foundations; you will be called Repairer of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets with Dwellings.” The mission is seeking to reclaim this neighborhood to the glory of God by purchasing properties, restoring them and making them available to our neighbors. Another part of this program is to provide transitional housing for those coming out of recovery programs.



Each Tuesday morning brings several neighborhood friends to attend Bible study. The study is offered in both Spanish and English. In addition, English classes are being offered using the Bible as a text book. All classes are led by volunteers.


All ministries available to the community at Cross & Crown have an intentional design to further relationships.  Within each of our ministries our ‘Mentoring Ministers’ seek to identify, engage and invite individuals whom are a part of the ministrypic42 at Cross & Crown into purposeful, deepened relationship with intentions to grow in understanding of the Gospel, offer advice & direction, provide opportunities to grow & mature in their journey & make education opportunities available, amongst other things.  This involves meeting the individual where they are in their journey & by offering physical, mental & spiritual guidance in their walk with Christ.

Along with the encouragement of their mentor & leading of the Spirit, individuals will determine the pace in which they learn, grow & develop. These mentoring relationships have no determined timetable or ‘end date’ but will continue as long as each individual relationship deems necessary.


Our goal is to provide opportunities for youth to connect with believers through play, work, worship, and study. We find that a well rounded believer should take time each week connecting winewhopeth God (up), connecting with others (in), and connecting with their community (out). If any of the three aspects is missing, we are not living up to our full Kingdom potential. Our weekly schedule is designed to provide our students with experience in these three aspects in a way that they will hopefully continue beyond high school.


We are trying to create a relationship safety net for each student. Our dream is that each student would be connected to a local church, involved in our youth program, and mentored by a loving volunteer. That’s where you come in! We invite you to pick one day a week from the schedule below to begin meeting with our youth. After consistently coming, you will find a student that you click with in a special way. We then would like to see you invite that student to go with your family or friends to Braums after one of our Sunday night services once a month. Then the sky is the limit! It is only limited by your creativity. Out of this simple act, a commitment of a few hours a week, a student’s life is changed forever!