2nd Annual 3×3 Basketball Tournament

Get your sunscreen ready & start tuning up that jumper. Cross & Crown’s 2nd Annual 3×3 HoopItUp is just around the corner. We are excited to announce that we are in the process of organizing volunteers, cleaning the courts & accepting team registrations for this year’s tournament.


For those of you that are planning to participate in the tournament here are a few things to consider:

1.  It will be hot!  Bring some sunscreen, a hat or anything else you might desire to help keep yourself cool.

2.  If you would like to guarantee that we have your correct t-shirt size you need to submit your team registration and shirt sizes before July 10th.

3.  The competitive league will be officiated by legitimate officials this year.  The ‘just for fun’ division will have knowledgable, basketball enthusiasts officiating games.


If you are an individual that wants to be involved but aren’t interested in playing here are a few ways you can help:

1.  Sponsor a team from the neighborhood that might not be able to come up with the funds to play/pay ($125 per team).

2.  Provide one of the following: Gatorade, water, hotdogs, hotdog buns, hamburgers, hamburger buns, ketchup, mustard, napkins, plates. (Please touch base with us if you intend of providing one or some of these items.)

3. Contact Luke to see how you can help with some of the ‘dirty work’ required to get the court ready. Individuals & groups welcome.

4. Donate furniture, appliances & other household items to be sold the day of the tournament to neighbors & others attending the tournament. (We will be having a large sale the day of the tournament in order to draw more people from the neighborhood to come out and enjoy the festivities.)

5.  There will be plenty of activity going on the day of the tournament.  Even if you don’t have an “official” position we would love for you to come out and watch a game or two, meet some our of neighbors and enjoy the day with us.



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