Alex & Jessica Bio

The final two interns that will be working with us this summer at Cross & Crown are Alex Espinosa & Jessica Gonzalez. These two interns are extra special to us because we have known them for such a long time. We met Alex when he was a rowdy, eight year old boy and Jessica when she was a mere middle school student at the age of thirteen. Alex, now 18, will graduate next semester & is pursuing a future in the military. Jessica, now a senior at Oklahoma State University, will graduate in the near future and plans to pursue a career working with youth. Both of these students were active participants of Rock Island during their middle school/high school careers and are now acting as leaders within this same group.

This is the first time we have been fortunate enough to hire youth from INSIDE the community to work and develop strategy for THEIR neighborhood. We are beyond excited to see what the future holds for these two and are anxious to see how God uses them this summer and beyond.


Name: Alejandro Espinosa

Birthday: 6/19/95

School: Emerson High School

Grade: 12th

Where do you attend church/youth group: Cross & Crown/Rock Island

Favorite artist/bands: Drake

Favorite hobby or how you spend you free time: I like to work out, play soccer, basketball and run.

List of family members or who lives with you: Oscar Andrade, Annissa Espinoza, Miguel Espinoza

Why do i wanna work at Cross & Crown: I’ve been attending Cross & Crown/Rock Island for a while (10 years) and I really love my experiences here.

What is something unique, unusual or weird about yourself: I can weld


Name: Jessica Gonzalez

Birthday: 12/12/1991


School: Oklahoma State University

Grade(next year):12th (senior)

Where do you attend church/youth group? Cross and Crown

Favorite artists/bands: Francesca Battistelli, Hillsong

Favorite hobby or how you spend your free time:” I watch t.v. or help my mom cook.”

List of family members or who lives with you(ages of siblings): Olga Yepez, Jorge Yepez, Jorge yepez(18)

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