NWC Senior (K)night!

This week the Northwest Classen Knight’s boys and girls basketball teams will be celebrating senior night during their final home games of the year.  As many of you know, we have been very involved with the Knights this year.  Helping with practices, off season training and providing meals throughout the season has been a pleasure.  Now, as the season comes to an end we are excited for the seniors and are hoping to send them out with a special evening and a couple gifts.

We have been collecting baby pictures of the kids over the last couple weeks and plan to blow them up and have them posted in the gymnasium the night of the festivities.  Also, we are getting each senior a Bible with their name monogrammed on the front!

There are 14 seniors.  Each Bible (monogramming included) costs $18.  Each picture costs $6.  So, to sponsor one senior $24 would cover the cost. 

Would you be interested in contributing towards this effort?

Also, for those of you that are interested in investing in the youth of Rock Island that attend schools throughout the city, prom and graduation are quickly approaching!  There will be plenty of future opportunities to help provide special memories for some special kids.

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