MLK Day @ Rock Island

A couple weeks ago as most students stayed home from school and others of us celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day in one way or another, those of us at Rock Island did a bit of learning about the legacy of MLK, did some goal setting and then hit the courts to develop our basketball skills!

Here are a few pictures of the youth writing down their short and long term goals, discussing the life and legacy of MLK and working on some basketball fundamentals at a nearby gym.  Big thanks to Christian, Braxton and the others that are a part of BBB (Basketball Beyond Barriers) for their time, desire to help our young people and willingness to come down to Rock Island and be a part of bettering our community!

IMG_0023 IMG_0018 IMG_0074 IMG_0016 IMG_0036 IMG_0008 IMG_0038 IMG_0044 IMG_0032

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