Goodbye, summer. Hello, school.

Summer has officially come to an end here at Cross & Crown.  We know this because things are much quieter 🙂

Not much changes in terms of the schedule at Cross & Crown now that school is back in session but we will begin our new schedule at Rock Island youth center this week.

Take a look and if there is a time, day or activity that interests you and you would like some more information about what exactly takes place please call or email us.  We would love to have some additional help (especially with the younger kiddos).  (405) 232-7696 or

Rock Island Schedule


2:30-5:00 Middle School/High School Hangout


3:00-5:00 Elementary Bible Story, Crafts & Tudor (begins Sept 3)

6:00-8:00 Middle School/High School Bible Study (begins Oct. 1)


2:30-4:30 Middle School/High School Hangout

3:00-4:30 Elementary Hangout


6:00-7:15 1st-5th Grade Bible Crafts & Dinner (begins Oct. 13)






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