3×3 Hoop It Up!

This past weekend we wrapped up what has been a fun and adventurous summer at Cross & Crown.  Saturday marked the end our summer schedule and youth activities at both Cross & Crown and Rock Island Youth Center.  Saturday, also, played host to our 1st Annual 3×3 Hoop it Up.  It was a big success as 20 teams competed, neighbors came out and individuals served.  I think this description of the day from one of the volunteers says it best…

“What a beautiful slice of God’s grace – he gave a picture of unity and collaboration with all sorts of congregations from all sorts of denominations and NON-denominations – believers loving on non-believers, the poor in material possessions and the poor in spirit; the lovers of basketball and the fans; . They just came. They just played ball. They donated and grilled hamburgers and hotdogs. They stood by in the first aid tent just in case. They served food all day. They bargained with little girls who just wanted a tiny bit of blue drink (Gatorade!) and gave her a WHOLE bottle. They dropped a $20 bill or a $100 for a bag of chips!!! They listened to the “kids'” rap music all day. ALL DAYYYYYY! (and it was LOUD). They oohed and aahed over dunks and passes and sweet shots. They laughed. They hugged. They talked. They worked together. Arm in arm. Together. For a goal (and we sweated a bit).  A goal to restore the ancient dwellings (Isaiah 42).  In this case, the ancient dwellings of Whittier School.  For something great for God and his people.  A ways to go to the $400,000 needed.  But, a bunch of money raised today. Thank you Lord for this picture of HOPE. This might have been my best day of the summer. And I’ve had some good ones.”

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