A time to celebrate!

Yesterday friends & family from across the neighborhood & beyond came together to celebrate the college graduation of Elizabeth (Lizzy) Price.  We met Lizzy by way of Rock Island several years ago when Lizzy was just in 8th grade.  When we met Lizzy she was a dedicated student with personality to spare.  She was a loyal Rock Island attendee during our after school hangouts, Bible studies and even some grueling workout sessions.

Over the course of her high school career Lizzy built many strong relationships with staff and volunteers at Rock Island, as well as, at Cross & Crown.  These strong ties to individuals both inside and outside the walls of Cross & Crown lead way to an unprecedented opportunity for a Rock Island high school graduates: a scholarship endowment.

Lizzy graduated from Oklahoma State University this past weekend & will now pursue a career.  She hopes to work for the FBI someday and will begin this journey by pursuing an entry level position.  Lizzy has also shown an interest in working in an environment that involves helping others.

If you are curious about the college endowment, how it works or would like to ensure that it continues to be a possibility for future students please comment or email us at crossandcrownmission@gmail.com

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