elementary worship

The last few months during our Sunday evening meal and worship at Cross & Crown we have decided to focus on giving our younger kids an opportunity that we haven’t in years past.  Different community groups and house churches have prepared and served food, as well as, lead worship at Cross & Crown for quiet a while now.  The meals and worship are for all ages but what we have discovered is, like most churches, there wasn’t much for the younger children during our “formal” (anyone that has been understands how loosely we use this term) time of worship.

So, this time around we decided we would offer the younger kids (ages 4-5th grade) a special time.  During this time different youth groups, married couples, college students and others come together to teach the kids Biblical truths, tell stories, play games and create crafts that give the kids a better understanding of God’s love for them.  Each week a different group leads the youth during this designated time and each bring their own individualized style to the table.  It’s fun to see the many ways the kids connect with different styles of instruction and learning.

Here’s a quick look at last night’s time while Cale and his wife, Julie, teach the youth a new song. (Oh, and then they got to meet Cale & Julie’s new dog!)

photo 1 photo 2

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