Christian Service Center


Hours of operation & other helpful info:

Volunteers – Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday arrive between 8:30-10:00 (must be present by 10:00 for staff/volunteer prayer time).  Work in the food pantry, clothing room or prayer room from 10:30-12:30.  You can stay for as long or as little as you would like.  You do not have to volunteer for the entire time period – but you are welcome to!
Clients/Those needing assistance – Doors open at 10:30 each Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday.  Currently we have a clothing store, food pantry and prayer counselors available to serve you.  We do not have any zip code restrictions.  Anyone is welcome to come and receive assistance.
Clothing store – You may shop in the clothing store as often as you would like (no signing up or ID necessary).  All items in the store are 10 cents each!  This includes all clothing and household items.  If you aren’t able to pay we would be happy to sit down and talk to you about your circumstances and make sure you get what you need.
Food pantry – Each individual or family is eligible to receive free groceries once every two weeks.  We have canned goods, rice, beans, frozen meats & occasionally have dairy products & fresh fruit.  IDs are required for each person in your household you claim.  Any form of ID is acceptable.
Prayer – Each person that comes for assistance will have the opportunity to sit down, talk, and pray with a prayer counselor.  This opportunity to pray is not limited to days you come for assistance with food or to shop – you are welcome to come every day or even multiple times a day to pray with us!

The Christian Service Center is located on the southside of Oklahoma City in the historic Capitol Hill community at 115 SW24th.  The Christian Service Center has an extensive history with Oakcrest Church of Christ and the leadership at Oakcrest has overseen ministry at this location for many years. Recently we, Cross & Crown Mission, were presented with the opportunity to take over the ministry efforts at this location going forward.  Beginning in 2020 the Christian Service Center will function as an extension of our ministry efforts to proclaim the love, hope and mercy of Jesus Christ through service and prayer – to a different part of the city.  Same objective.  Same hope.  New, additional location.

Our original location at 1008 N. Mckinley will still operate and function as we have in the past but we will be spreading of efforts, staff and resources between the two locations as we continue forward in ministry.

To those who have given and served throughout our 20 year history, thank you!  We need you more now than ever.  Your generosity in the past has been a crucial piece in allowing us to be in the position we are now.  To those who are curious, have questions or definitely want to help, we need you too!  This new, exciting opportunity will require that we add more supporters to the Cross & Crown family as we follow God’s lead in what we believe is an act of obedience to the southside of our great city.

Thank you in advance and please be prayerful about all that God has in store for the work that is to be done at the Christian Service Center!

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