a time to celebrate

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“I want to know more about God and I want Him to go everywhere I go.”

These are the words of Jordan Yepez in response to  being asked why he wanted to be baptized. Jordan is the youngest of 5 in his family, all of which have been baptized at Cross & Crown in years past. Jordan is familiar with the concept of baptism as he has watched his father, mother and two older siblings be baptized but recently began to have serious conversations with his family members about baptism.

This past Sunday evening Jordan approached Paul and communicated an interest to be baptized. After Paul talked to Jordan for a few minutes he told Jordan he needed to be prepared to give an answer or explanation to others that would ask him why he was baptized. Paul encouraged Jordan to talk with his family members to come up with an adequate response.

Well, Tuesday morning Jordan showed up and when Paul asked him if he had talked to his family members and come up with his response Jordan told him he didn’t have to talk with them about WHY he wanted to be baptized. He already knew. “I want to know more about God and I want Him to go everywhere I go.” We are excited for Jordan and his desire, interest, pursuit and decision for Christ. Jordan’s decision to be a part of the body Christ is presents both excitement and responsibility for those of us who are also in Christ as we have a responsibility and privilege to continue to nurture, teach and love Him as he matures in his faith.

“Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.” – Luke 18:17

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