Intern thoughts #1 – Carly

These kids have endless amounts of energy!  I don’t really know where it all comes from! I’ve been extra tired this week after getting back from Honduras last week with Zak (also an intern).  I’ve been complaining a lot about being tired from my trip and I’m pretty sure some of the kids from the neighborhood have noticed.  I’m already aware of the fact that the younger kids watch me and look up to me so I hope I can set a better example for them and give them all my energy and focus next time we are together.

– Carly

Here’s some photos of the younger kids using some of that endless energy Carly speaks of to play twister!  Also, the kids were excited to put together self-portraits during craft time on Tuesday afternoon.  They can put them on their refrigerators at home or give them as a gift to their dads for Father’s Day!


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