Summer Interns

Cross & Crown has been fortunate enough to have interns from Oakcrest Church of Christ join us, again, for the duration of the summer. This summer Allisen, Nathan and Jake will be working along side the staff and volunteers as we ‘administer the love, hope and mercy of Jesus through service and prayer.’

Each week one of the interns has been asked to gather their thoughts and experiences for the week and put them on paper (or online, in this case). Here’s the first…

Since I’ve started here at Cross & Crown my attitude about life has changed. There is no more room for selfish thoughts and actions. My day is now consumed with glorifying God by serving and putting His people first.

I don’t think this mission could ask for a better group of employees and volunteers. Never once have I heard or seen any of them complain or say something negative towards someone or something. Everyone is always so motivating and happy everyday. It’s so awesome to come to work and know that the day will be awesome! One lady here at Cross & Crown that has impacted me greatly, already is Roma. She puts together hundreds of boxes every week each with her own loving touch. She doesn’t allow the box to be handed out unless its packed full.

I asked Roma on my first day here when our lunch break was… It was already 2:30 and we were all pretty hungry. Roma said “Oh kids go eat, go eat!” When I got back to the pantry to help Roma, I asked her, “Roma, when do you eat lunch?” She told me she would rather make, pack, and unload boxes instead of eat. She never stops working all day and always hopes that Paul will let her stay until 5. I don’t think I’ve ever met such a self-less person as her. To this day I continue to learn and bond with Roma and I think I may be getting too attached! She brightens my day with her sweet smile, a compliment and a hug. Roma not only inspires me to be more positive and work hard but she inspires me to be God in someones life. To be on fire for Him and love everyone, always. I couldn’t ask for a better internship than this one, here at Cross and Crown.

– Allisen

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