Summer Interns

With the hectic pace of summer time, we have missed the opportunity to introduce you to our High School interns. This year we have four; Elijah, Laura, Mitch, and Zac. We are very thankful for intern sponsorship through Oakcrest Church of Christ . We asked the interns to give us a few thoughts on the summer so far.

“One thing I really love in particular at Cross & Crown is that every morning we have a daily gathering that is dedicated to praying to and worshiping God in the sanctuary. I feel like this keeps all of those who work or volunteer at Cross & Crown in the right mindset. Which is to serve and glorify Him through kind, loving and helpful acts to others. It helps us not to lose sight of the reason we are doing all that we do.” -Mitch & Elijah

“One of the first things we noticed when we walked in the door our very first day is that the place is very much a family oriented mission. They treat everyone like they are their own family and everyone working and volunteering were just as included. Like even through prayer time, the respect given to their peers, even if you don’t understand Spanish, to know that they are trying to talk to God in their way just shows a great deal of patience. We have only been here for two weeks now, but we already feel like we have been here our whole lives.” – Zac

“My first week at Cross and Crown was something I will never forget. There were many things that stood out to me that week, but one main thing that really stood out was the people. I started my first day in the prayer room and it was something that was a little out of my comforter zone, but what an experience. Listening to the stories of people’s lives and request were absolutely amazing. I was learning about where they came from and what they were struggling with. But I could never forget the woman who asked to pray about the tornado in Joplin, MO and how she wanted there to be healing and repair, but at the same time she was the one who really needed the help. But she put her self last. It was amazing to see how selfless she was. She was teaching and helping me more than I was helping her. As the woman was talking she made me think of the beatitudes in the Bible and how God blesses those who are humble and they will inherit the whole earth. She was teaching me that it isn’t about these worldly things, it’s so much more than that and we have to think less about ourselves and more about others.”- Laura

Summer is quickly slipping away. The OKC students start school again August 1st. Don’t miss the opportunity to come meet and work with our interns before summer is gone! Click Here For OKC School Calendar

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