Help Wanted

On Tuesday, April 12th at 9:00 am we (and hopefully you) at Cross & Crown Mission will be distributing boxes of food and personal care items to 400 families. We are excited about this opportunity to team up with Feed the Children in a program called, “Americans Feeding Americans.” Click Here

We are in great need of volunteers for this event and are looking to get anywhere from 50-75 individuals to commit their time and energy.

Here is a list of a few other things that we are looking to get our hands on for this 3-4 hour event…

* t-shirts! Because this event will involve several hundred individuals we would like to be able to identify those who are helping. So, we figured either everyone that is helping should wear the same shirt or everyone helping wear no shirt. Shirts won.

* pallet jack & fork lift. Pretty self explanatory. There will be a bunch of food on pallets and so we need something to lift and move the pallets. We don’t have one. We want one. Do you have one?

*YOU! Again, we need 50-75 bodies to make this thing happen. On any given day at Cross & Crown we have somewhere between 15-20 volunteers. We need more than double this amount in order to make this thing happen.

We are, also, very excited about this event because it will take place in the parking lot of our newly acquired building at 1900 NW10th, the old Whittier school building. We are excited about this opportunity to meet and begin relationship with many new families in the neighborhood.

If you are interested in being apart of this effort in any form whether it be t-shirts, materials or your services please call 232-7696 and leave a message for Paul.


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