Summer Happenings

Sooooo……turns out summer break for kiddos is almost done and spoken for and I must say that it has been quite a summer.

Like I said in a previous blog, whenever I haven’t posted in a while it’s not because there hasn’t been much going on but, chances are, there has been so much going on that it makes it tough to know where to start or make time to blog. (Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying I can’t find time to blog because I am just too busy. I do have free time but I choose to use that free time doing other things.)

Rather than write a novel about each and every occurrence that has come and gone this summer at Rock Island and Cross and Crown I will list some of the highlights (or ‘lowlights’ depending on how you look at them)…

1. The Cross and Crown Ebay Store is going pretty hardcore right now. We have had big success selling name brand, used and unused clothing items and electronics (video games, cameras, computer items). We have also had some success selling furniture items locally on Craigslist and Ebay classified. If you are interested in more about this or have no idea what I am talking about click the Ebay link at the top.

2. The Rock Island youth have gone on a few different trips, such as, swimming at a local donors home, several eating-out experiences, a pool-table delivery in the Arbuckle Mountains. Also, a few of the girls have been to the zoo, movies and Frontier City with a couple of our most reliable and consistent volunteers.

3. The two Cross and Crown interns have been a pleasure and big help to have around.

4. Thursday, Family Night’s have been a great addition to our summer schedule. This summer Ron and I decided to make more of an effort to get to know the families and/or overseers of several of the kids that we are involved with on a daily basis. So far we have been able to get to meet and get to know parents, grand-parents, aunts/uncles and brothers and sisters. We have celebrated 2 birthdays. We have been eating some authentic, home-made Mexican food, such as the following: gorditas, cheese enchiladas, mole (check that out here… AAAHHH! ) and flautas, to name a few. We have also been able to pray over a former Rock Island youth who is now a young man that recently graduated from high-school. He has had a few soccer tryouts at Hillsdale College during our Thursday night gatherings but each tryout he has come to pray and be prayed for before he goes to his tryout.

There you have it. A very concise, condensed summary of the summer thus far. We only have three more weeks before Oklahoma City schools start but I am sure there are a few more significant events that are yet to happen.

God has been so evident to us this summer, even through some tougher times with both kids in the youth program and with happenings at Cross and Crown. He never ceases to amaze me with his incredible ability to know what we really need, even when we think we know what we need. He is always faithful.


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