Now Hiring

Position: Lawn Maintenance crew member
Hours: Thursday 8:00-3:00 (or anytime you have some free time)
Requirements: must know how to operate lawn mower, weed-eater, leaf blower ect.
Pay: none

Yes, this is a joke but it’s also half-way serious. The joking portion is that we aren’t really hiring anyone to cut, edge or keep up with the lawns on the properties Cross and Crown owns. The serious portion is that every spring and summer, whenever the grass and weeds start to sprout up, we have an additional responsibility to keep up with several lawns.

Ron and I are generally pretty capable of knocking out the yards at Cross and Crown, Rock Island and the apartments across from the mission. But, in the last couple years through the, “Rebuilding the Walls”, program (which is currently on hold) we have acquired 4 new properties. As we all know, each property represents a front and back yard, which also represents a new opportunity! Also, we have several neighborhood friends, one which just happens to be a widow (James 1:27 anyone?), that either aren’t physically capable of mowing or don’t have the resources to cut their yard.

Especially during the summer, because many volunteers are either students or have children that are school age, there tends to be a increase in willingness and ability to help out at Cross and Crown and Rock Island. Well, if that’s you or even if that isn’t you but you still desire to help out join the Cross and Crown Lawn Maintenance Team, aka, C&C-LMT. This also serves as a great way to knock out required volunteer hours for students and/or those who have to do community service.

By the way, Thursday is not the only day we need this kind of help. If you or someone you know decided to help out with this need it can be done any day and any time of day. It’s not restricted to just when we are cutting the lawns.

Email me at or leave a comment on the blog if you’re interested in helping or have questions.

Above is a picture of the C&CLMT team leader, Clyde…


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