Network Lunch Tuesday, March 2nd

We are excited to host the city-wide networking luncheon this Tuesday. Below are details from Ben Nockels, Cornerstone Assistance Network Director:

“We believe that Oklahoma City can be transformed by the Son of God, the Spirit of God, and the People of God. We are committed to encourage and challenge the Church to remember its mission to meet the needs of the community. Our role is to network and mobilize the Church to strategically partner together on behalf of the poor and forgotten among us.

A wonderful relational network is forming. I am excited by the prospect of strengthening this community of churches and kingdom leaders to make Oklahoma City a better place to live for all people in Jesus’ name.
We will be facilitating a monthly networking lunch on the first Tuesday of every month. We simply want to be consistent in creating space for friendships to take shape and partnerships to be strengthened.

We will be gathering for lunch at Cross & Crown Mission located at 1008 N. McKinley Ave – OKC, OK 73106 on Tuesday, March 2nd from 11:45am to 1:00pm.

The story of Cross & Crown Mission is the story of eight people in a small group surrounding a couple who were being called to the urban core of our City. Since 2001, Cross & Crown has been committed “To Proclaim The Love, Mercy and Hope of Jesus Christ through Service and Prayer.”

Ronald Rolheiser in his book The Holy Longing says, “When we pray through Christ we are praying through the body of Christ, which then includes Jesus, Communion, and the body of believers here on earth. Thus, not only God in Heaven is being petitioned and asked to act. We are also charging ourselves, as part of the Body of Christ, with some responsibility for answering the prayer. To pray as a Christian demands concrete involvement in trying to bring about what is pleaded for in the prayer.”

Please mark your calendars and make plans to participate with us on Tuesday, March 2nd. Reply to this email with the total number attending so that adequate food preparations can be made.”

For The Good of The City,
Ben Nockels

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