Good News For Thankful Hearts

The Good News of Victory

1The Spirit of the LORD God
has taken control of me!

The LORD has chosen and sent me

to tell the oppressed

the good news,

to heal the brokenhearted,

and to announce freedom

for prisoners and captives.

2This is the year

when the LORD God

will show kindness to us

and punish our enemies.

The LORD has sent me

to comfort those who mourn,

3especially in Jerusalem.

He sent me to give them flowers

in place of their sorrow,

olive oil in place of tears,

and joyous praise

in place of broken hearts.

They will be called

“Trees of Justice,”

planted by the LORD

to honor his name.

4Then they will rebuild cities

that have been in ruins

for many generations.

Isaiah 61 CEV

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