Fast Food Frenzy

Luke and I are constantly trying to find new and creative ways to engage youth into conversation. After much brainstorming, we decided we needed to create another time to hang out with kids in their environment instead of always asking them to come to us. Novel idea I know! So we packed our bags last week and headed to Taco Bell on NW 23rd and May to hang out with the Taft and NW Classen kids.

We had a really fun time. We didn’t have to worry about spills, preparing food, or how to get everyone out when we were ready to leave. Fun!  So we just sat and talked with kids. We would do silly dares asking kids to perform embarrassing stunts. One was asking Darvin, an AZTEC student, to visit with an elderly lady. Surprisingly Darvin walked right over and began a conversation.

Afterward, Darvin reported his conversation. She was new to town and alone. Jessica and Darvin decided to go back over and pray with the lady. So out of the first event, the kids are already ministering to others.  Luke and I will be rotating fast food chains in the area every Wednesday after school. Each Wednesday will cost around $30. Let us know if you would like to fund a week!

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