Point Trips

Last point trip to Sonic.
Last point trip to Sonic.

The school year is in full swing, meaning that Rock Island is taking territory full throttle. Workouts, Xbox, Bible studies, mowing, and meals are weapons in this offensive. One of our greatest weapons is the point trip. Once a month, we take 10-15 of the kids with the highest point count to do something special with Luke and I. Points are earned by cleaning up the building each day, attending workouts and Bible studies, and coming to Sunday worship and family meal.

The point trips allow us to focus in on the kids that are taking full advantage of the relationships and programs that we offer. This is the soil most ready to receive seed. So we sow away! We need your help in this harvest. We are asking for financial sponsors for our monthly trips. Each trip costs around $300. Please prayerfully consider if you or your house church might be the one to say, “We’ve got October covered!”  If interested in sponsorship or if you have questions, please contact us.

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